Let Grateful

Lately we hear a lot of news relating to abortion. Various media reported abortion practices that occurred in various places. Not only in Indonesia, the world-even the practice of abortion increasingly become.

And life is a work of extraordinary God in this world. And life is taking shape since the fetus will begin in the womb.

It is unfortunate that so if we, God also allowed to enjoy life, even stopping life itself and does not provide an opportunity for the fetus to be able to grow and birth a baby as it should.
What happens if the abortion performed? (Apart from the medical terms)

* We will never know what the future will be lived by the fetus to be born into the baby.
* We will never know whether the baby will grow into a child’s sweet, funny and fun.
* We will never know whether the child will grow into an energetic young, smart and intelligent.
* We will never know whether the teenagers would grow into a great leader, led many people, a blessing & a witness to many souls, and even made history of the world.

Whatever the background of pregnancy so that abortion steps to be done, can not be an excuse. Perhaps a mistake was made and the sin behind it. But God could be changing all things good. Everything happens in our lives happens for a license. “Indeed you have confab evil against me, but God has them-rekakannya for good” Genesis 50:20 a.

“For this I know the plans that is on me about you, saith the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11.

God always design things that are good for us. Even today we are facing a trial / very severe problem, God will give strength to us so that we can pass it all (1 Cor 10:13).

If abortion is emerging in your mind, let’s come to God and leave everything to him. He was able to restore all of our lives. And remember that God is working in your life so you can enter into such a beautiful plan.


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