The steps of faith

The steps of faithBeloved brother in the Lord Jesus, did you ever see the abyss? Although we have never signed or were in a ravine, but we can know that the abyss is a place that uncomfortable. In the gulf there is less light, maybe even dark, nothing whatever could be done there, the gap can be so profound, so that people who are not able to get out in it with his own business, because there was no equipment available to be used, such as ropes , wood or bamboo to be used long enough to reach to the top of the mainland. In such circumstances, it is desperately needed someone / anyone else to give aid.

Brothers, above the gap may also describe the current situation of our life experience. An uncomfortable situation, be in a problem such as pressure / pain, disappointment, failure, loss of hope even to despair. Not knowing what else should we do, and even we can not do anything. In these circumstances we are wondering, for the reasons why the problem happened to us. We can only blame other people, blame the situation, or blame themselves, and so on. However, sometimes we get answers that can make us more frustrated and mourned with great heart.

If that was our experience, do not be sad or sad, there are still many things we can do to immediately get up and get out of the abyss / our problem. Let us learn from reading the Word of God above. The Book of Psalms we hear often also called Psalms of David, and who believed it was written by David. Problems faced by David at that time, he described how the situation and his mood very mournful is the same as being in the lonely abyss, dark and felt wasted.

Dear brothers in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can take a guide on the steps of faith what we have to take when in a problem:

1. Exclaimed with faith, namely prayer. In verses 1 and 2, David in his struggle to come to the Lord humbled and begged mercy. Psalm 50:15 “called out to me in time of trouble, I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify ME”. David expressed the entire contents of his heart to God.

2. Dare correct myself. In verses 3 and 4, David himself revealed that he has faults. This means that many problems were being encountered is that the result of his own actions. He acknowledged that errors to God. Who can bear, if God to remember our mistakes? No one can resist. But we are thankful for His Word, in 1 Yoh.1: 9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just, that He will forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”.
David knew that only the Lord there is forgiveness. God will give forgiveness to those who would repent and confess sin / kesalahannnya. God will heal and restore those who come with an honest heart. God wants to show love faithfulness to all people who are in trouble, so they can know the love, care and goodness.

3. Believe in the Word of God. In verses 5 and 6, David waiting for the Lord and His Word to expect. As David also said, “This is my comfort in affliction, that I turned your promise”, Maz.119: 50. David was helpless, he could not do anything because only God alone can forgive him, because he believes only God and waiting for him. David Soul waiting, it is the center of the human personality. God alone is able to help him, so he was expecting the Lord. David said, more than the guardian of hope in the morning, up to 2 times, this shows the greatness of longing, and her hope in God. David focused on God and His Word. David is very confident that the Word of God it must have happened to him.

4. Remain hopeful and looking forward to the Lord. In verse 7, through his experience that David has called us to expect people to believe in God! People who hope in God, certainly never bored, but patiently waiting for God’s help arrived. For only in God there is mercy, and He is the liberator us.

Dear brothers, let’s learn from what David did when he was in the gap problem. David cried out to God in prayer, will correct themselves, still believe in the Word of God and hope and patiently wait for God’s help. If we want to do as has been done by David, then God help us, God will remove us from the abyss of our problems. God can do it, gives us His help, provide a way out of any of our problems, heal us from illness, raise us, and restore our state.

Amen! Lord Jesus Christ bless you.


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