Seeking God we must do every day

When we work for money, we work every day. There is work 5 days in 1 week, there are 6 days in 1 week, and some have worked 7 days in 1 week. One day, we’re not working, then it will reduce the income or salary we will get in the end.

So it is with spiritual activities, seeking God we must do every day. When we spend only one day, then we will lose precious moments that will determine the outcome we will get. Intimacy with God should be developed continuously. The days we spent in building fellowship with God will make our spiritual life growing in Him. We will be stronger in dealing with various kinds of problems and temptations.

Every day is precious. And day after day we’ve been through with the search for God will provide spiritual treasure of great value to our lives. This spiritual treasure far more valuable than physical property that we seek in life in this world.


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