God’s Abundance

With the increasing price of basic commodities in the market, the more people managing your money as well as possible. Expenses are considered not very important, trimmed. As much as possible they do not waste the things that are not important. The principle of giving becomes a forgotten thing for many people. They think that for their own needs just had a mediocre, what if they need to help others as well.

As people of God we must understand the principles that God teaches us. The path of God can not be limited by our reason and logic. Logic says that two plus two equals four, but God actually perform miracles by feeding 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Even the fact that there are as many as 12 baskets (Mark 6:34-44).

Let us see how can I make miracles happen in our lives:

1. Give thanks to what we have

“And after he took the five loaves and two fish, He looked up into the sky and gave thanks to” Mark 6:41

God Himself give thanks for what was at that time. He did not see the limitations that they had at the time. They need much more than just 5 loaves and 2 fish. But He is God Almighty. He can afford that does not exist into existence.

Regardless of what we have today, let us give thanks in it. Maybe we are not earning much. Perhaps wealth that we have means nothing compared to others. Or even in a state that we are always needy. Let us learn to give thanks in all circumstances we are. Thanksgiving is the key to the door thanks to the abundance.

2. Learning to give

“Give and ye shall be ….” Luke 6:38

The principle of giving should we apply in our lives. If we miss blessed by God, we must learn to give. God’s Word clearly says that when we learn to give, then that’s when we will receive a blessing from God.

Learn to set aside some of what we have. While our finances might not be possible anymore to give, we still have to learn to give. Learning to return tithe of our income, learning to give to those in need, we will see the doors of blessing will be opened for us. Even God says, “Test me, says the LORD of hosts, if I did not open the casement, casement you heaven and pour out so much blessing abundantly” Mal 3:10

God will not owe to His people. He will bless our lives the more, when we learn to give.

3. Give to what is in our

“But He said to them:” How much bread have you? Try to check! “Having examined them said:” Five loaves and two fishes. “Mark 6: 38

Lord Jesus and his disciples to feed the 5000 people only by what is in them and mujizatpun happen. Abundant blessings experienced by the 5000 people, they ate until full.

Thanks to a third key is to give with what we have, not by what we do not have. Often we want to help others, when we ourselves can not help them. So in the end we helped them with a bit forced, with the debt to other parties or even selling an existing property to help that person.

Giving is not from something we do not have, but from what we have. But that does not mean this to be a reason for us to not learn to give. Ask for wisdom to God, when it’s time to give. God will guide our lives, so we will still be able to provide with what is ours.

Let us acknowledge what we have at this time. There are extraordinary power of a blessing, miracles can happen through thanksgiving. Learning to give of our weaknesses. And give with what we have. We will see the power of God working in our lives. Jobs and our efforts will increasingly be blessed. Even the doors of the new blessing of God opened for us.


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