Faithful Friend

Jesus, Faithful Friend“I did not call you servants anymore, because I do not know, what was done by the master, but I call you friends, because I had told you everything I have heard from My Father.” John 15:15

Human life can not be separated from social interaction. Every person must have a close friend or a so-called friends. Closest friend is a person in our lives. They are always entertaining, listening, accompanying, even willing to sacrifice his life for our help.

Likewise, as God’s people, we get the privilege to be able to have a friend close to us. Jesus has raised us to be his best friend (John 15:15). This is a great gift, because we do not choose just anyone to be our friend.

What can we get through friendship with Jesus? What is the meaning of this friendship?

1. Love
“A friend put you every time, and a brother in trouble.” Proverbs 17:17

The love of Jesus shed for us always, whether we are in any condition, because he remains faithful. Jesus really understand what is our struggle because he has been through suffering in this world and took every sin of mankind violations.

Jesus is always there for us, even as if he was far away, He is always in our hearts. And he always listened to what the complaint and our prayers. Whenever we want to pour your heart, He is always ready waiting for us.

2. Sacrifice

“There is no greater love than the love of a man who gave his life for his friends.” Jn 15:13

Jesus’ sacrifice can not be doubted. His love is so great has been proven by His death on the cross. He gave up His spirit would atone for every sin of mankind.

This redemptive work of eliminating any recognition of our sin before Him. His blood cleanse us and make proper to come into His presence with great bravery (Heb 10:19).

3. Proximity
“But there is also a more intimate friend than a brother.” Proverbs 18:4 b

When the Job is experiencing a pain, all the families and relatives left him, and even forget him (cf. 19:14). But there is one person who never leave and forget the Job, He is the Father in heaven.

“Can a woman forget her baby, so he was not fond of her unborn child? Even if he forgot, I will not forget you. “Isaiah 49:15

God is a faithful friend so close to us, so that will never forget His people.

4. Openness
“But I call you friends, because I had told you everything I have heard from My Father.” John 15:15 b

Very close friendships with confidence. There’s no secret story to a friend. Likewise, Jesus will reveal all the secrets of heaven to us His people.
Wisdom, extraordinary wisdom will be poured out for us, when our friendship with Jesus. He will guide us and show His way of light for our lives.
He will provide solutions to every problem and our problem.

5. Trust
“And so fulfilled the passage that says:” Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him as righteousness. “Therefore, Abraham is called:” friend of God. “” James 2:23

Friendship contains bond of trust. When we believe in Jesus, we become friends and we become people who could be trusted Him. Trust will take responsibility for providing greater.
We see that the Lord gave a great promise to Abraham, and the promise it has kept. Do you want to be someone who could be trusted Him?


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