3 Keys to Get Power In The difficult

Get Power In The difficult“Though the fig tree is not flowering, vine does not bear fruit, olive trees disappointing results, even if the fields do not produce food, sheep driven from captivity, and no cattle in a pen, but I will rejoice in the LORD, joy in the God who saved me. GOD my Lord my strength: He makes my feet like deer’s feet, he let me set foot on the hill-bukitku. “Habakkuk 3:17-19

Habakkuk lived during the era in which the Israelites were oppressed by his enemies. It’s not an easy thing for him to continue to defend his faith. Periods where the enemy is always difficult to suppress, to make all aspects of life affected. The fields are usually the places that bring income and a place of confluence of livelihood is no longer bearing fruit. Livestock are the property dispelled from the cage. No more saving for him. While he has needs that must be kept filled.

Are not these things also that many experienced by the people of God? Global crisis that is happening lately caused a very large impact. So much a reduction in labor throughout the world. No exception in Indonesia, more and more unemployment occur everywhere. Job or business that is still running, did not become easier. The more stress in our lives. But if we give up with that situation?

Let us learn from the prophet Habakkuk, how she got her strength during difficult times.

Here are 3 keys to get strength in difficult times:

1. Rejoice in the Lord (Hab 3:18 a)

When the nation of Israel over the city of Jericho on the seventh day, they cheered. After that, we see that the walls of Jericho leveled.
Wall of the walls of Jericho can be undermined by the power of the cheers. Likewise, any heavy problems we face, when we cheer for the Lord, then the problem can be torn down Itupun. Making melody to the Lord with all your heart! (Eph 5:19)

2. Joy in God (Hab 3:18 b)

“Dearly beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal which comes to you as a test, as if there was something extraordinary happened to you. Instead, rejoice, according to the part that you can be in the sufferings of Christ, that ye also may rejoice when He declared His glory. “1Pet 4:12-13

The Apostle Paul reminds us that suffering is part of our lives, and we will accept the Lord has provided for us, if we survive until the end. Therefore, the Apostle Paul advises us to rejoice in anything that we experience, so we can continue to survive until the end.
“But the righteous rejoice, their joy in the presence of God, will rejoice.” Psalm 68:4

3. Hoping to God (Hab 3:19 a)

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; to Him my heart to believe.” Psalm 28:7 a

Place our hope in God, make God’s power our lives. When we face the a problem, let us not rely on their own strengths and abilities. Hang our hope in God. Leave what is our problem to God. Ask for strength from Him, and He will give strength so that we can through every problem.

“Temptation-trial that you experienced is normal trials, which do not exceed human strength. God is faithful, and therefore he will not let you be tempted beyond your strength. At the time you are tempted, He will provide a way out so that you can stand. “1 Corinthians 10:13

The third point above will give us tremendous strength in facing the difficult times right now. We will see God’s help in the journey of our lives.

“When you cross through the water, I will be with you, or through the rivers, you will not be swept away; when you walk through fire, you shall not dihanguskan, and flames will not burn you.” Isaiah 43:2

“He makes my feet like deer’s feet, he let me set foot on the hill-bukitku.” Hab 3:19 b


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