Examination obedience to God

God’s love we are experiencing greatness. Like Abraham, he had the greatness of God, Genesis 12:1-3. But as Abraham tested, so there is a test for us to experience the greatness and glory of God.
One test of Abraham, so he experienced the greatness of God is obedience to God’s Test
Abraham loved his son.
Obviously the pressure God took his son Isaac to be sacrificed rather than the ‘son of the single “but rather to” your son … whom you love Isaac “. So as parents, Abraham loved his son.

Abraham willing to sacrifice his son for more loving God.
There is no doubt at all in Abraham. Early next morning Abraham got up, he saddled his donkey and took two of his young men with his son Isaac, he cut the wood for the burnt offering, and he arose and went to the place God had told him. “Abraham obeyed: surrender to the plans and objectives God. Abraham obeyed because he loved God more than a single child.

Abraham became the father of “great” because of the greatness of his love and obedience to God

True obedience: The choice of who / what we love most.

Obedience is a choice of what we most loved, most affect our lives, what we hold, what we most glorified, even from whom we adored. Who / what we love most right now? If the influence of a person or whatever it is, the higher in us, then it will determine the actions we will take. If the money that we treasure so that a materialist then we will submit to material things. It is a god materilah. Sometimes a person is very powerful, so we would prefer to make orders compared with others even though the Lord. So who do we glorify, who we worship, whom we worship will determine the decisions we will take. And the decision will affect all our lives.

To obey God because He is Lord and Savior singles.
We choose to obey God because we glorify God, we worship, we worship more than anything and anyone. God loves us more than anything and He wants us to love Him much more than anything. You shall love the Lord more than anything. Matthew 10:37; 19:29; Act 4:19; 5:29.

God’s greatness to those states who love Him and obey His commandments Joh 14:21


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