Test burnt offering

God wants us to experience the greatness of God. Like Abraham, he had the greatness of God, Gen 12:1-3. But as Abraham tested, so there is a test for us to experience the greatness and glory of God.

At this time we will learn about one of the test for Abraham, so he experienced the greatness of God is a sacrifice or offering Trials
Gen 22:10 Abraham then extended his hand, then took the knife to slay his son. Previous: “the next day morning Abraham got up, he saddled his donkey and took two of his young men with his son Isaac, he cut the wood for the burnt offering, and he arose and went to the place God had told him.”

Abraham offer burnt offering to God
Abraham was willing to do for God. He did not hesitate to leave a single child to the Lord. In a study Bible even says that Abraham sacrifice his son loved to God. No doubt, Abraham loves his son. No one father who loves her child, willing to sacrifice his own son. It was Isaac who will become a burnt offering. But it was before God, Abraham is the real victim. In the presence of God, God requires Abraham to give his heart, his love, his ideals, her future to God, Hosea 6:6 PSA 51:19

Our sacrifice is food for the Lord, Num 28:1-2 “you offer sacrifices to me as my meal.” We must be careful when we give offerings to God because it is the food and special dishes for the Lord.

An honor for us as the creation because God the Creator willing to accept food from us as His Creation.

When we bring a sacrifice to God, the real victims are our own. Offering the most want to see God is living and our character, Rom 12:1. Offer our lives.

Dedicate ourselves to the Lord will make us great and precious in the eyes of God


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