It is really happy had family

Edwin Paendong Family, Family Every body has family. In family we get affection and can share one otherly. But not all people gets that is in their family. Many people experiences ruination in life because family they have problem. Role of old fellow of vital importance in this case. Sometime, old fellow which divorced will influence their children life. Harmonious old fellow will make children to spring up psychically good.

I love to have family. I wish happy them and know that I to love them. I wish to share and pours my affection to them. I love to see my children spring up carefully. Moreover I like them to find best potency of they so that they know to what end life them in this world. Much time and expense of for all that but will not make I am indecisive that they are people God choice. I believe God to push I to refer God love to them. It is really happy had family.


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